Shining a (really, really bright) spotlight on Innovators for Global Good

Impact is honored to be partnering with  in San Jose tomorrow night, Nov 4th, as they (and we) pull out all the stops for their annual awards night for .

TTFGG is a new initiative to cultivate global problem solvers.  It’s a year-round program of exhibits, education and special events that inspires young people to use technology to tackle challenges all over the world.  One of the main goals of The Tech is to support and spark the next generation of inventors, engineers, physicians and scientists to use technology in ways the future requires.  Each of the five innovators being honored on Saturday night are remarkable people, dedicated to improving the lives of others, and we salute them!
We are very proud of the work the museum is doing and excited to help display the efforts and achievements with this new program.  Tomorrow night The Tech will light up San Jose!